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“It was the Son of the Beast that drew me in at first. I thought it was so unique, I could immediately see so much opportunity there.”

Caitlin Donato

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  • Al Vogts

    Athletic Training Center

    "I'm excited about having a Stroops facility here because you can use this at any level. An older group of individuals can use it to start building their muscles back and younger athletes can use Stroops more intensely to develop skills that they've never developed before to give them that edge in their sport."

  • Anthony Bott

    Sunset Fire Department

    "Stroops Equipment gives us a good simulation of real life movements like pulling a hose, using a fire axe, or using a pike pole. We can train for the same real life movements that we use on the job. It's also a great space saver for our station and we can even implement a workout outdoors attaching the equipment to our truck."

  • Caitlin Donato


    "It was the Son of the Beast that drew me in at first. I thought it was so unique, I could immediately see so much opportunity there."

  • David Otey

    Men's Health

    "When I work with clients I want to make sure they are using the best equipment which is why I turn to Stroops. I can go to them for any of the equipment I need and know with confidence I am getting the best and most innovative pieces. It’s a no-brainer for anyone in fitness."

  • Dr. Ed Lacara

    Body Lounge Park Cities

    "The ability to take somebody from a rehab setting to a performance setting within the same session, to me, is invaluable. Stroops has a product that goes across the board, it can be used from prevention, to pre-activity, to rehab, to performance, to just kicking your butt if you really want it to; all with the same product and all in the same space. Because the products are so useable it's a no brainer for other clinicians to utilize what I'm utilizing in my clinic in their own clinics. I'll even consult with clinics if they need help integrating Stroops into their system."

  • Eddie Kone

    Gracie Jiu Jitsu black belt and MMA fighter

    "When you talk about the evolution of the MMA you have to name Stroops. Stroops, by far, has the most cutting edge products for Mixed Martial Arts. If you're in to any sports these guys have products to train for it and the results are amazing."

  • Dr. Ginger Hobson

    Chiropractic Revolutions

    "Stroops Equipment has changed our business. It has allowed us to provide more specific care for our patients. What I like best about the equipment is the protective sleeve that protects not only our patient but the person helping them through the rehabilitation process. You don't have to worry about a band snapping and hurting you or your patient."

  • Lauren Abraham

    Celebrity Fitness Model

    "Stroops is great because if you're a guy and wanting to really tighten up and put on awesome lean muscle mass you're going to find that, or if you are a woman and want to do lower resistance with higher reps you can get that too. It's all there right for you or your clients."

  • Melissa Burch

    Yoga/Barre Instructor

    "I can take Stroops equipment anywhere with me and find a full class. It's almost like going to the gym or a barre class, but it is just right there in my home"

  • Dr. Nylin Johnson

    Mountain Land Physical Therapy

    "Stroops equipment has given us an opportunity to provide our clients and our patients with equipment that they can purchase and use at home and completely replicate the exercises we do in a clinic with them. When I compare Stroops equipment to other equipment on the market number one is it's easy to use, it's safe I don't have to worry about equipment failures injuring the clients, it's cost effective, and it's very durable. So I really prefer Stroops over the other resistance types of equipment and machines that are available on the market"

  • Steve Carver

    JumpSport Fitness

    "We chose Stroops Fitness to partner with due to their high quality, highly functional product line. They have been extremely easy to work with and have made our collaboration highly successful."

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