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Elite facilities need world-class equipment with the space to perform. Training for Power, Speed, Strength, and Conditioning demands coaches to have versatile equipment options at their fingertips. Stroops sports performance options gives your teams the space needed to be coached.

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Our products can be found in all facilities ranging from the most intimate barre studios to the NBA and NFL weight rooms. Stroops is committed to providing best in class products for a wide range of categories in the fitness and health industries including gyms, studios, and rehabilitation services.


Stroops is a leader in innovation, creating products with wide ranging practical use and convenient setups. With facilities being front of mind, our products are efficient in footprint, equipped with ideal storage options, and directed towards getting the most out of your coaches and clients.


Outfitting your facility should be done with confidence in the products you are receiving. At Stroops, we prioritize high-quality commercial grade products that are built to sustain high volume usage.

Performance Station

Athletes demand many different training applications. The Stroops Performance Station is built to maximize your space, endure the toughest of workouts, and provide a multi-functional environment to withstand any rigorous program.


Varying anchor points provide an easy transition from exercise to exercise. Goodbye to the days of taking minutes in between sets to readjust. With the Spine, its as easy as a click and go!


Different sports require different sprints, shuffles, and backpedaling. The Optimill is the world’s first flat, motorless treadmill, to recreate the environment your athletes need. It’s unique design allows athletes to start, stop, turn, run laterally, and move with seamless transitions and more similar demands to the field/court.

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