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Multi-functional rig to support the Optimill. The ultimate tool built for rehab assistance, gait patterning, and performance enhancement.

Product Details

Restructuring movement has never been so easy. The Movement Optimizer is the first of its kind to not only assist in movement quality but allows adaptable training for each individual. The Movement Optimizer is a support rig in conjunction with the Optimill to open up the opportunity for banded assistance from any direction. This compliment to the flat motorless treadmill means you can make instantaneous changes to your patterns. Adding slastix bands to different directions can help rehab professionals upgrade their practice, performance coaches make normal movements more challenging and elevate the skills of any person. Slastix bands can be used to either resist or support certain movements, allowing the practitioner to make all the changes they need to for one thing – movement optimization.

Max Users


Anchor Points


Max Weight

700 lbs.

Additional Information

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 120 × 36 × 24 in

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