Barre / Pilates

It’s never been easier to create a custom experience for your clients. Our Barre/Pilates format spaces have been tested by coaches all around the world to produce the best possible layout. Our spacious and adjustable equipment allows for less worrying about proximity and more time coaching positioning.

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Our products can be found in all facilities ranging from the most intimate barre studios to the NBA and NFL weight rooms. Stroops is committed to providing best in class products for a wide range of categories in the fitness and health industries including gyms, studios, and rehabilitation services.


Stroops is a leader in innovation, creating products with wide ranging practical use and convenient setups. With facilities being front of mind, our products are efficient in footprint, equipped with ideal storage options, and directed towards getting the most out of your coaches and clients.


Outfitting your facility should be done with confidence in the products you are receiving. At Stroops, we prioritize high-quality commercial grade products that are built to sustain high volume usage.

Performance Station

Space makes all the difference. Stroops performance racks provide the durable and multifunctional equipment you need while providing a compact footprint to keep the space you need to work.


With different clients coming in, it’s important to have a stable anchor to quickly switch between different members. The Spine allows you to work with ease and reliability no matter how large or intimate the situation.

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